What Type Of Climate Are You Going To Find In Silver Spring Maryland?

ype Of Climate Are You Going To Find

When looking up the climate for various US cities, you would notice that each of them is assigned a number based on the comfort index. The reason this is being mentioned is that according to the climate report, the 52 given to Silver Spring Maryland is surprising. That is a low number, and of course the higher numbers mean a more hospitable and comfortable climate. Don’t let that scare you off though, and instead get to looking at these other specifics regarding the climate in Silver Spring Maryland.

For example, this city gets approximately 43 inches of rain each year. Do you know what the average rainfall in the US is? It’s approximately 39 inches, and so Silver Spring is above the average. When you look at snowfall, you might expect a city in Maryland to be above average, but it falls below the average of 26 inches with just 15 inches. Hey, that is better than the average of one inch where I live.

The high and low-temperature averages for the hottest months are almost right at the national averages. For example, there is the hottest month of July with an average high temperature of 88 in Silver Spring, and the national average is 86. Then you look at the coldest month, January, and the average low is 25 in Silver Spring compared to an average low in January of 22 nationally.

Rainfall was mentioned, but take a guess at how many days each year that Silver Spring gets precipitation. The answer is approximately 107, and if you think that sounds like a lot, the national average is 102. Have you ever wondered how many sunny days you get each year? You should look up your city and compare it to Silver Spring. Again, this city falls right around the national average at 202 sunny days each year vs 207 as the national average.

One more statistic about Silver Spring that happens not to fall right around the national average is its elevation. The national average is 1,443 feet, and Silver Spring is a whopping 243 feet. I did happen to find out one reason why this city gets a lower number on the comfort index scale. There are too many days where excessive humidity is in the air. You have to love that humidity. Overall though, Silver, Spring Maryland seems like it has a lovely climate.

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